Student Loan Discharge – The Real Deal…

What is so special about the way we handle student loan debt? What is a key difference in our approach vs all others on the same topic?

Every thing we use to take care of student loan debt is a walk through of proven strategies that we used and brought us the results we were seeking.

There are no theories here. All the information and instruction are facts based on laws, statutes, case law, and drawn from months of school of hard-knocks personal experiences.

That’s the biggest difference between us and others.

Behind every strategy we use there are countless “seem to work” techniques that we weeded out. We tested and tweaked method after method, throwing out the ones that led nowhere.

When you work with us, you don’t just pay for things to get started and hope for the best. What you are really paying for is the knowledge to save yourself endless hours of testing and testing a ton of techniques and theories that don’t work.

There’s no guesswork: we assess your case, outline a course of action, give the assignment to implement this outline and monitor the case to its successful conclusion.

Start here with a no-obligation, free in-depth talk with us to find out what we can do for you. Today!

This approach is designed for you to achieve results from the get-go, to give you peace of mind and a tangible finality which will give you a burden free future.
You are never alone and your dedicated case buddy is here for your every question along the way.
The only focus is to eliminate your student loan, get the entry removed from your credit report, and get you back on the path to a great future..

Who is this Student Loan Program for?

This Program isn’t only for current students

This Program works for:

Student loan guarantors, professionals who are still paying off their student loans, recent college graduates facing overwhelming student loan amounts, in fact, anyone and everyone who is burdened with student loans, whether from a private lender or a government lender.

The Importance Of Addressing Your Student Loan Dilemma

Addressing your student loan payments rather sooner than later will guarantee your peace of mind. The debt is looming over your every day well-being, causing worries and undue stress.

You are supposed to enjoy your grown-up, working life in the profession of your choice.
You are not supposed to think about your student loans, worrying if you can pay them and for how long.

It’s about you and your peace of mind.

How Much Could You Take Off Of Your Current Student Loan Amount?

Depending on your specific situation, you could discharge 100% of your current student loan obligations.

But How Do You Do This?

A few years back, we had problems with student loan payments due to financial hardships.

We tried everything we could think of:

#1. We contacted the services asking for a reduction in payments,

#2. We wrote to our representative for help,

#3. Sent cold emails to any politician we could think of who might be interested in listening,

#4. Tested several of those companies out there offering to help,

#5. We even tried a few lawyers to help us in negotiation a better payment plan.

Two years of effort, trial and error, erased our student loan debt and took it off our credit reports. Since then we have worked with family and friends to deal with their student loans and negative entries. Results of our efforts spread and now we have been working with satisfied customers since 2019.

6 Mistakes You DON’T Want To Make And Waste Your Time On

1. Politicians

Unless a specific politician is up for re-election or first-time election and sees the merit in addressing the student loan crisis, don’t waste your time and energy contacting politicians. They simply don’t care. We found this out the hard way.

2. Government Agencies

Government agencies in charge of student loans or responsible for them, don’t care one bit either. Those agencies live within a system and asking them to think outside the box – or just to think – upsets their apple cart.

3. Servicers

You may have already tried communicating with your student loan servicer. Don’t call them, you won’t have any record of what’s being said or done. Don’t write them for the same reason unless you want to spend a lot of money on getting a notary to be your witness. Besides, most correspondence you will get from them is not even signed or has a name of the person writing this letter.

4. Companies offering to negotiate

There is no real help coming from these companies. They are not different to debt settlement companies: they “negotiate” a “better rate”, but then they add their fees and before you know it, you are back to the original loan amount. Or worse.

5. Lawyers or law firms

Lawyers are in the same area as those companies above: they only do negotiations you could do yourself. And, frankly, they don’t care because no matter what the outcome, they get paid. So these law firms are only stop-gap solutions without any real, fundamental help.

6. Do it on your own WITHOUT any understanding of the underlying law

We did this in the beginning: blundered straight ahead because we were so frustrated about our situation: not enough income, and getting nowhere with servicers or loan providers. Nobody wanted to lend an ear, let alone wanted to help. But when you know the law, and you know what steps to take, you make them to listen and to act to help you.

Ok, So What To Do?

Get started HERE

You book a one-on-one talk with us so we can set up your file the right way. Have the name of the student loan provider/servicer ready when you call.

We will ask you to email us a copy of your student loan application. Plus a copy of your latest statement. That’s it. We do the rest.

What About The Cost?

Quality work is expensive. Because you will get results with us. But, we WILL make it affordable with monthly payments tailored to your situation.

That’s why you have to get started NOW. Choose the best time for you and we’ll be there for you. Along the way you’ll get timely updates either per email or per call. Your choice.

Flash Bonuses

Flash Bonus #1

Free access to our private Facebook group for one year where we share tips, experiences, and our successes on our journeys to financial freedom.

Value: priceless

Flash Bonus #2

Unlimited phone support for the duration of the process. You are not alone in this and sometimes you just need to talk to someone because you have a question or concern or simply like to get an update..

Value: priceless

Flash Bonus #3

Free consultation with vetted and pre-qualified, nationwide law firms AFTER you discharged your student loan obligations. Emotional pain is a very real thing and you may consider suing for damages with no up-front costs to you.

What Do You Get When You Work With Us?

Here is the recap. You get…

Immediate, targeted action to begin the discharge of your student loan obligations.
Unlimited phone support throughout the process whenever you need support, guidance, advice. That’s our commitment to you.
Free access to our Facebook group for one year to share the joys, fears, obstacles, answers, successes on our journeys of erasing student loans and onto future financial freedom.
Free access to law firms across the country on standby to assist you free of charge to sue for damages against servicers, loan providers, credit reporting agencies AFTER we finished the process. These firms have been vetted and qualified to measure up to the highest standards.

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