Referral Partners

The Benefits of Partnering with Brilliant Credit Score:

Build Your Pipeline

If you are a mortgage or real estate professional who is ready to take your business to the next level, partner with Brilliant Credit Score to have a pipeline brimming with qualified applicants.

Just recently we helped a Massachusetts man get his child support entry removed and get qualified for a mortgage which he had been unable to obtain until he worked with us.

A lady in Brooklyn had her bankruptcy and foreclosure entry removed by us. A 104 point increase in six weeks allowed her to buy a home again.

Your job as a mortgage or real estate professional is to focus on your business and deal with customers that are ready now. 

Our job is to clean up the credit of customers that are not ready yet. We will give you back this customer within a few short months and you can then focus again on getting the approval for this very grateful customer.

We specialize in taking off those hard to remove entries:

Student loans

Child support



Medical Bills


Working closely with your referral, we’ll clear their path to a brilliant financial future. You will get back a customer who is ready to be approved for any mortgage in order to buy their dream home.